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Luna’s Smile Story

I normally brush Luna’s teeth weekly with a pet-made toothbrush and gel toothpaste, and she really dislikes it. She hates the taste of the gel and hates how the bristles of the toothbrush feel. In fact, as soon as she sees the toothbrush or sees me preparing it, she runs away and runs away and hides under the bed. When I eventually get a hold of her to brush her teeth, she always turns her head away from the toothbrush, and the experience just becomes very uncomfortable for her. Therefore, I decided to try  Prep4Pets™. To see if there would be a difference in how Luna reacted to having her teeth brushed. I introduced the Prep4Pet™ to Luna and she really enjoyed the taste of it! Since she liked it, it was very easy to get a hold of her to brush her teeth. To use the Prep4Pets™, I had to melt it, after washing my hands of course, and then brushed whatever was on my finger onto her teeth, and she didn’t try and bite me at all. I would definitely recommend this product because now Luna actually enjoys having her teeth brushed!


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Music Credit: BenSounds

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"The LightBrushtm saved me a $1000!" - EM

"With Prep4Petstm, my cat finally allows me to brush her teeth" - JA

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