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• Once-a-day edible mouth conditioner
• Helps improve with “bad breath” and surface appearance of the oral cavity.
• Can be used alone, or as part of the 2-step process when paired with The LightBrush™ to accelerate the effect.
• Most pets like the taste and accept it well!
• Offer it to your pet on your finger, on a spoon, or in a dish. No brushing or rinsing is needed.

Sample first to ensure your pet is handling it well with no adverse effects.
Click here for the Prep4Pets™ list of ingredients, use, and other information.
The contents on this website are not intended to dispense medical advice nor to suggest treatment for medical problems or conditions your pet may have. Please always consult with your veterinarian on any questions or concerns
This product is not intended for human consumption.

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What is 


The Prep4Pets™should be kept refrigerated for optimal taste and texture.
Please refrigerate the product prior to initial use. If the product becomes liquefied - simply re-stir and refrigerate.

“Creamy-like” Texture

P4P creamy .jpg

For a “creamy-like” texture, take it out and let it thaw a little bit
(1-2 minutes).

"Flake-like” texture

P4P refridgerated flakes.jpg

For a solid texture, chip out “flakes” for your desired measured amount.

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