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Professional experience:


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Periodontal disease is a serious gum infection and catalyst to:


Loss of teeth

Oral cavity deterioration

Global health concerns


It is super common and preventable. It also affects our most vulnerable (“fragile”) human and pet populations.

Did you know by two (2) years of age, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop periodontal disease? Pet insurance does not cover basic preventative care. Also, any deep cleaning requires a scheduling commitment, scraping, and/or use of anesthesia. This can make dental care EXPENSIVE!

We believe from the pet owner’s perspective, that time, convenience, and cost are deterrents. From the pet's point of view, we imagine the adverse effects of brushing, low tolerance for pet mouth care products, and rinsing to be overstimulating and intrusive.

The solution!

LED Dental Wellness is a retail company entering the pet market with a patented LED toothbrush, called The LightBrush. We are platforming novel methods to improve oral cavity health for companion pet populations- all with the power of light.

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Judith (Judee) Macias-Harris, M.S., CCC-SLP/BSLP/CKTI is a speech-language pathologist. She recognized early on the devastating effects of gingivitis and periodontal disease in both vulnerable (“fragile”) human and pet populations. In 2017 she started platforming using LED technology as a method to address oral cavity health for those populations most at risk. In 2021, she was awarded a patent on her device, The LightBrush. A second patent on the methodology was also submitted for consideration in 2021. Judee resonates with the genre of complementary and alternative medicine. This has allowed her to pursue novel assessment and treatment methods aimed at prevention, habilitation, and rehabilitation of cognitive conditions, oral infectious control, and dysphagia/feeding difficulties, for both adult and pediatric populations. She has been in private practice (Logopedia Speech Therapy Services) since 2013.


Shoshi Almog, BSChE, MSChE is a Technical Program Manager at a global semiconductor company, where she manages various supply chain programs, with a focus on the development of Supplier quality systems. Shoshi has a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from The Cooper Union and a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Manhattan College in New York. Her passion is fitness – she is a certified fitness instructor and teaches Hot Yoga on weekends.

Together a balance of vision, practicality, and business management has birthed today LED Dental Wellness, LLC.

LED Dental Wellness, LLC is proud to be a grassroots, Minority/Woman-Owned Small business

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